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I am a writer living in Atlanta, GA. I attended the Atlanta College of Art and Portfolio Center. 

Work Experience

Freelance clients, including healthcare, education, marketing thought leadership, and technology.

Mindpower Inc. 2005–2017
A large roster of colleges, universities, and independent schools, plus other nonprofits like WellStar Healthcare System and PRISM

DDB New York 1995–2001
Amtrak, CIGNA Healthcare, Mobile Oil, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson, NY Lottery, Quilted Northern, Hershey's Chocolate

Before I went to Portfolio Center and became a writer, I supported myself the way someone with a degree in painting does – meaning, I had lots of different and sometime rather odd jobs: editor at the Georgia General Assembly, managing editor of Art Papers, assistant for the 20th Century Art Society at the High Museum of Art, library assistant, bar tender, elevator operator, retail clerk, beauty parlor receptionist, and (one of my favorites) Renaissance festival pony ride operator.

In addition to writing, I also teach dog training classes at Canine PhD in Decatur.